Musical manuscript fragments in archives

Photograph with lituyrgical fragments - source: IRHT

After a period with several lockdowns it is good to see live scholarly events can take place again. The role of medieval fragments in enhancing our knowledge of medieval literature and science is steadily growing. They help very much to make visible what was long thought lost forever or went literally unnoticed. The Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (IRHT) in Paris and Orléans has chosen the title Remembratio codicum: Fragments de manuscrits en archives for a two-day conference in Tours and Angers on June 23 and 24, 2022. This initiative shows clearly the value accorded to fragment research by a major institution for philological research. In particular the musicologists of the IRHT within its Quadrivium program will come into the spotlights.  The parchment of liturgical works were often used as covers for archival registers.

On June 23, 2022 the Archives Départementales d’Indre-et-Loire in Tours will host the first day of the conference. Attention will in particular be given to fragments of liturgical manuscripts. At the AD Indre-et-Loire Yves Le Sage de la Haye created a Répertoire numérique, série I: feuillets et fragments de livres manuscrits avec et sans notation musicale (IXe et XVIe siècle) (2 vol., Tours 2002-2001). On the second day Angers will be the scene, not only the Archives départementales de Maine-et-Loire, but also the Bibliothèque patrimoniale d’Angers. The announcement at the website of the IRHT gives you the names and affiliations of the main contributors from several French and Italian institutions, but alas the link to the program does not work properly. I checked alas in vain at the blog of the IRHT for more information, but you will surely find always other interesting information for philological research.

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