Comparing glossing practices

Cover Glossong Practives - source: a book appears that already with its title and contributing authors – many of them members of the Network for the Study of Glossing – stands out among recent publications, and therefore I am very happy to bring it to your attention. In my view the new volume Glossing practice: Comparative perspectives (Lanham, 2023) edited by Franck Cinato, Aimée Lahaussois and John B. Whitman brings together a critical number of approaches to cultural practices using glosses with a truly global range. The articles in this volume deal for example with glosses to Sanskrit texts, Japanese literature and scientific texts in medieval Europe. This variety of ways to enrich texts with paratext definitely helps to gain broader insight into the way manuscript texts functioned, and more precisely into ways knowledge was and is transmitted. It helps also to define forms of glosses at a much needed more abstract level. Whether dealing with glosses in medieval Europe, be they in Latin or in vernacular languages, elsewhere in the world or in very different periods, you stand to benefit from the contributions in this volume.

Glossing practice: Comparative perspectives, Franck Cinato, Aimée Lahaussois and John B. Whitman (eds.) (Lanham, etc.: Lexington Books, 2023; 272 pp.; ISBN 978-1-7936-1280-9, also available as e-book)

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