Working on a Handbook of Glossing

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Pádraic Moran (University of Galway) is a very active scholar in the field of studying glosses in all their forms and aspects. As a part of the new project Global and Local Scholarship on Annotated Manuscripts (GLOSSAM) he announces a workshop on September 28-29, 2023 at Galway for the authors of the upcoming Handbook of Glossing, one of the four projects within the frame of GLOSSAM. The sheer width of themes covered by the contributors to this workshop is truly impressive, and I will not try to show here only the things particular interesting from my own perspective. Most of the contributors are active within the Network for the Study of Glossing, one of the pillars within GLOSSAM. This handbook will be of great value to all scholars doing research on the history of glosses and glossing practices in many periods and regions. It is possible to attend the meeting or a part of it online via Zoom.

Further constituing elements of the GLOSSAM project are establishing a new digital infrastructure for the study of glossing, a survey of Irish glossed manuscripts, and a study of the European tradition of glosses on Priscian.

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